Fruit - Miscellaneous Recipes.
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Hot Spiced Fruit Tea
Hungarian Fruit Squares
Iced Darjeeling and Fruit Tea
Icy Fruit Whip
Impossible Prunes
Indiana Fruit Sherbert
Instant Fruit Sorbet
Italian Fruit Biscottis
Jell O Fruit Fluff
Jello Fruit and Veggie Salad
Jello Fruit Mold
Juicy Fruit Kabobs
Khchaf (Fruit Drink)
Layered Fruit Cheddar Salad
Layered Fruit Slaw
Lemon and Fruit Jell-o Salad
Lemon Fruit Drops
Lemon Fruit Freeze
Lemon Fruit Mix
Light & Fruity Sangria
Light and Fruity Sangria
Lime Fruit Juice Cocktail
Lime Fruit Slush
Louisiana Tutti-Fruiti
Low Fat Fresh Fruit Crisp
Low Fat Fresh Fruit Crisp
Low-fat Fruit Shake
Macedoine Of Fruit
Mallow Fruits
Marinated Fresh Fruit Bowl
Marinated Fruit Combo
Marinated Fruit Deluxe
Marinated Fruit Salad
Marvelous Fruit Medley
Marvelous Fruit Mix-Up
Marvelous Fruit Mix-up
Melange of Fruits
Melon and Ginger Lassi
Melon and Jicama Salad
Melon Brulee
Melon Flan
Melon Hearts of Palm and Prosciutto Salad
Melon In Lime Syrup
Melon Mousse
Melon Peel Preserve
Melon Salsa
Melon Trio with Cilantro
Melon with Lavender Syrup
Mini Shredded Wheat Fruit Snack
Mint Julip Fruit Cup
Minted Fruit With Sherbet
Minted Honeydew Limeade
Minty Fruit Cup
Mississippi Fabulous Fruit
Missouri Fruit Ketchup
Mixed Fruit & Cream
Mixed Fruit Ambrosia
Mixed Fruit Compote
Mixed Fruit Drink
Mixed Fruit Jam
Mixed Fruit Leather
Mixed Fruit Squares
Moist Date Pinwheels
Molasses Fruit Bars
Molasses Spiced Fruit
Molded Fruit and Ginger Salad
Molded Fruit Cocktail Salad
Molded Fruit Cocktail Salad
Morning Fruit Shake
Mucho Fruito Salad
Mulled Summer Fruits In Chenin Blanc
Mustard Fruit Ring
Mustard Glazed Fruit
Natural Fruit Soda
New Member Fellowship Sweet and Sour Fruit
No Sugar Fruit and Nut Squares
Noel Fruit Bars
Noodle Pudding With Fruit
Nutty Fruit Balls
Oak Ridge Hot Baked Fruit
Oak Ridge Hot Baked Fruit
Orange Cream For Summer Fruit
Orange Cream Fruit Dip
Orange Fruit Cup
Orange Fruit Ring Salad
Orange-Flavored Fruit Combo
Oriental Fruit Bowl
Oriental Hot Fruit Compote-Warm Salad
Out Of This World Fruit Dip
Party Fruit Cup
Passion Fruit Brules
Passion Fruit Coulis
Passion Fruit Curd
Passion Fruit Drink
Passion Fruit Mousse with Rum Sauce
Passover Fruit Compote
Passover Fruit Kugel
Pearl-Tapioca Pudding
Perserved Whole Kumquats
Pickled Fresh Prunes