Plantain Recipes.
73 recipes.
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Asado De Platanos
Baked Plantain Load
Baked Sweet Plantains
Baked Sweet Plantains in Wine
Banana Bean Stew
Banana Treat
Black Bean And Plantain Tamale Filling
Bread Soup
Callaloo Soup
Candied Plantains
Caramelized Plantain Mash En Relleno
Caribbean Rice and Beans
Caribbean Shiitake
Chicken and Fruit Casserole
Chicken-and-fruit Casserole
Churros De Platano (Fried Plantains)
Coconut Tempura Shrimp
Cooked (or Boiled) Plantain
Cuban Baked Sweet Plantains In Wine
Curried Mahi-mahi Kebabs Belize
Dominican Plantains
Foo Foo (pounded Plantain)
Fried Mashed Plantains
Fried Plantain Soup (Sopa De Platanos Fritos)
Fried Plantains
Fried Plantains
Fried Plantains
Fried Plantains
Fried Plantains
Fried Plantains (Tostonos De Platanos)
Fried Plantains in Butter
Fried Sweet Plantains
Ginataan (roots And Fruits Simmered In Coconut Milk)
Glazed Plantains
Green Plantain Chips
Grilled Plantain with Spicy Brown Sugar Glaze
Grilled Plantains
Grilled Plantains with Spicy Brown Sugar Glaze
Hot Plantain Crisps
Jamaica Limbo Plantain
Mariquitas De Plantanos (Green Plantain Chips)
Oven Roasted Sweet Plantains
Patacones (Fried Plantains)
Plantain (Frying Bananas)
Plantain and Coconut Beef Stew
Plantain and Pepper Stuffing (Aka Mofongo)
Plantain Baked In Its Skin
Plantain Casserole
Plantain Pineapple Saute
Plantain Relish
Plantain Salad
Plantain Tarts
Plantain-Pineapple Saute
Plantains in Coconut Milk
Plantains Stuffed With Shrimp
Platano Al Horno (Baked Plantain)
Platanutri (Plantain Chips)
Prawn and Plantain with Coconut Sauce
Ripe Plantains
Ripe Plantains
Roasted Plantains
Roasted Plantains and Carrots
Sauteed Plantains and Sweet Potatoes
Sese Plantains
Spicy Fried Plantains
Stuffed Plantains
Sweet and Sour Cabbage with Plantains
Sweet Potato-Plantain Bake
Tatale (Ghanaian Plantain Cakes)
White Rice with Fried Plantains